Unseen Warrior Series

Unseen Warrior Series

This series is inspired by Ed's time as a Premiership rugby player and the gulf that exists between the work, pain and sacrifice that any athlete must endure in order to succeed.  The spectacle that supporters and audiences see is the end product of years of training and never ending battles. More so than most, this is typified by ballet dancers who present a graceful and effortless looking display to their audience, which masks the years of dedication and hardship with injuries, that allowed them to get there. 

The paintings embrace an unfinished look, because no matter the level of the athlete, training is never complete and perfection is never attained.

This series has been incredibly popular, and unfortunately we do not have any available pieces for sale at the current time.  However, if you are interested in seeing these works or acquiring one, a selection will be going on exhibition in Paris in early 2020.  More pieces will be added to the series over the course of the year, and specific requests can be made.  

For more information about the upcoming Paris exhibition, or to request a commissioned piece, please see the 'Exhibition' page of the site, or contact us directly at bev@edwilliamsonart.com.  

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