After having spent the majority of lockdown creating the 'Masked' series, which marries together unexpected imagery, Ed was inspired to take it even further.  


Being a self taught artist, Ed never attended art school and never spent a lot of time learning about art throughout history.  The development of the idea for the 'Monstrum' series, caused him to research and explore the important artist movements and artists that laid the foundation upon which his career as an artist is built.  That research led him to surrealism.  


The 'Monstrum' (which means oddity in Latin) is a reimagining of culturally significant and easily recognisable paintings, in a surrealist way but whilst still holding on to Ed's overriding artistic philosophy of wanting to create beautiful art.  Many of the important surrealist pieces are often intriguing but uncomfortable for the viewer.  Ed's modern take on surrealism aims to invoke a different response.  

More pieces to follow shortly. 

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